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GLENN PERRY in EGYPT --- Glenn Perry travelled to Egypt in 2008 to help Orphans


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GLENN PERRY in MYANMAR (BURMA) May 2008 - Helping the Victims of the Horrifying CYCLONE


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Coming back to life
By Mubashera Asgher

When Glenn Perry visited New Orleans last month, it touched him so deeply he decided to hold a jazz concert to help out the musicians of the city.

Glenn Perry's not an easy one to peg. He grew up on rock, he loves jazz, he's quirky, eccentric, sentimental, secluded, artsy, contemplative, creative … He lives in a million different worlds all at once and when those worlds collide, as they often do, what we get is straight from Glen's heart. In this case, it's a jazz concert on April 12 inspired by Perrry's visit to New Orleans in the United States. "I was there last month, one and a half year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. It brought tears to my eyes. The worst hit areas still look like a graveyard." However, what touched Perry the most was the destruction of the well-known French Quarter, which was known for its bustling nightlife. The famous Bourbon Street, which was always rather energetic at nights with streets buzzing with jazz, blues and funk, is now often quiet. This hurts Perry, who lives his life for the music. "Once upon a time Bourbon Street never slept," he says. "But more than 50 per cent of the people have still not returned to New Orleans after the hurricane. They are frightened and don't want to come back." Sadly for many, New Orleans will never be the same. The charm has gone. It's missing its glamour, something Perry sincerely hopes will return someday.

While walking the streets of the once-bustling city, Perry met a lot of musicians. And it hurt him just as much, if not more, to hear of their loss. "The musicians had not only lost their lives, but also their personal instruments. Losing an instrument is like losing a baby. I met many homeless musicians who aimlessly wander the streets of their beloved city," says Perry.
Once such musician who touched him deeply was Benny, who is now homeless. "Each time I met Benny," says Perry, "he would say he wants his drum set. Another lady, Katy, would say she wants her piano. Many of the homeless musicians would only speak about their instruments."
Through this upcoming jazz concert at the Four Points Sheraton in Dubai, Glenn wants to help these musicians get back on their feet.

Jazz albums
Perry spent the last two months recording his second jazz album in New York at the same studios that Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aerosmith, Alicia Keys, Will Smith and Celine Dion use. On it, Perry jams with Miles Davis' musicians: Ron Carter on acoustic bass, Lenny White on drums and Gary Thomas on the saxophone. The album, which is still untitled is due for release this summer and will feature 7 original songs. His current album, also dedicated to his father, might just be one of his most personal ones yet. You see, although it was 4 years ago that Glen lost his dad, the pain never left him. There was no closure, no matter how hard he tried. Until it dawned upon him to make this album, and to make it all jazz, a genre that his father Chris loved. Sitting in his office in Karama, Perry gets misty eyed when he tell us "Late one night I was all alone in the studio. I don't know why, but I started to cry. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around but there was no one. Then I heard a voice telling me, ‘Glenn, I have taken something away from you, but I have given you something in return.'"
And so was born the idea of this album. Recording it served a dual purpose for Glen. Besides, the knowledge that he was doing it for his dad, the recording process also worked at a sounding board for him. "I have always been able to express best through music," says Perry. "With music, I want to reach out to others who are hurting. It was music that healed me from the excruciating pain of my father's death."

And it's a sorrow that shows in the tracks. There are plenty of haunting, heartbreaking moments on the album, that will bring tears to the eye. There are moments of raw pain, a pain that Perry still finds hard to express in words. "After Dad was gone, I was lost. I left home, slept on the street, forgot to eat, didn't know what day or time it was. It was only when I got news that my Mum had medical problems that I was jolted back to reality." Caring for her brought some sense of normalcy in Perry's life. It took him back to the studio. It gave him reason to live again. In fact, at one point during the recording of the album, he was euphoric. "I had the guys from Chic Corea in the studio with me, performing and recording my compositions – and I was conducting and directing these incredible world class musicians!" It's moments such as those that shine through in the album. Although inspired by loss, Glenn goes through quite a few highs on many of the tracks. Some sound happy, some hopeful, others peaceful. However, the journey there was long and hard. "One evening when I was at the Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles, someone came and sat besides me. He held my hand and told me to be brave. He told me to get real and to move on with my life. Before I could speak, he let go of my hand. I looked around, but there was no one. But I knew it was my dad. That's when I wrote the song I Love You Endlessly," says Perry.

Another song that Chris inspired him to write was Forever in My Heart. Although Perry originally planned to get to the studio to record a song he had written called On The Wings Of A Cloud, he had a dream the night before. A dream that gave him a brand new song. "I dreamt that I met my dad at the airport. It was a cold, snowy day, very beautiful, and as I got off the plane, there was my dad, dressed in a sparkling white suit, holding his beloved trumpet. I hugged him as hard as I could, whipped out my guitar and had a jam session with him. The music we played in my dream was Forever In My Heart."

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‘Philippine Landslide Bigger than Katrina’ By David Manuel

Dubai-based artist Glenn Perry to hold charity show for the victims of the Philippine landslide on Friday

Dubai UAE-based artist Glenn Perry will lend his voice and talent to sing for the Philippines’ typhoon victims in a charity concert to be held in Dubai this Friday.Perry, a singer, songwriter, and producer, lived with the typhoon victims in Albay province of the Philippines after Typhoon Durian triggered mudslides, which left thousands dead and many more homeless in December last year. He worked with relief organisation in the province.Previously, Perry has participated in various relief missions including Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, tsunami in Indonesia, earthquake in Kashmir.“I have seen the devastation caused by many calamities and have been to many relief camps. I think the destruction the mudslides have caused in the Philippines is bigger than what Hurricane Katrina caused,” Perry says.He adds that the typhoon victims are mostly orphaned children in need of blankets, food items and shelter.

Deeply touched by their plight, Perry wants to use the concert as a means of creating awareness about the extent of the disaster among Dubaites.“I have lived with the typhoon victims for tw0 weeks in Albay, at the foothill of Mount Mayon, the typhoon victims really need help. They asked me to return for them, and I promised to come back for them.” Perry single-handedly carried out a relief operation distributing food and clothes to the victims in all the affected areas of the disaster in Albay, but the singer-songwriter says it is not enough.“The children of Bicol in the Philippines have been left orphaned by the tragedy. They do not even have basic necessities like blankets.” Perry said. “The situation is really bad and the victims are in urgent need of help.”

“I urge the community in Dubai to come forward and assist me in helping these victims who are suffering. Even just a small donation of any kind will make a big difference to their lives say's Perry, who has lived in the UAE for almost thirty years. He is known for his charitable involvements with concerts organised for different causes in Dubai. Perry also opened the Dubai Music School and has been involved in community works both in Dubai and across the world.

You can help
* Glenn Perry is also collecting clothes, books, pencils, school bags, biscuits and medicines, packed or canned food and milk for the victims. For further details contact 04-396 4834 or email* The concert will begin at 7.30 p.m. at the Mazaya Centre on February 9. Entry to the concert is free.


Glenn Perry distributing Relief Aid - food


Glenn Perry with Children in the Philippines afftected by Super Typhoon


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In support of the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace, Glenn Perry joins the United Nations to celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21st September by producing a music concert for peace. The International Day Peace Concert, a show celebrating the message of the worldwide event will be held at the Mazaya Centre in Dubai on the 21st of September commencing at 7.00pm. Everyone is invited to attend the Peace concert which is free. "This is a wonderful opportunity for people of all walks of life to reach out and communicate with each other how we can all join together in the road towards peace," At 12.00 noon on the 21st of September, Perry urges everyone to observe a minutes silence for Peace in this world.

The International Peace Day concert will be hosted by Glenn Perry and will feature talented young musicians from the UAE. In addition to music, Perry will also feature dance performances, poetry recitals, childrens art show and peace readings. Perry will then take stage and render an exclusive performance of popular songs including his very own hits in celebration of the International Peace Day. Perry has especially composed a new peace song entitled "A Smile Is The Answer" which he will debut at the concert. "Music, I believe is a catalyst for unity. Music has the power to hold cultures together. There are not many other factors that bring people together. Through my music I want touch peoples hearts and to move them to bring about a positive change in this world".

Perry's Peace concert in Dubai is a part of a global association for peace. On this Peace Day, 2500 peace events in more than 175 countries are being held around the world. The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The United Nations Assembly declared that the 21st of September every year, should be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. Since over a decade Perry has been organizing peace events on the 21st of September to mark the International Day of Peace. Throughout the years, Perry has also been very active in the organization of various Peace events which involved all sectors of society, including students of all ages. The goal was to help create an atmosphere and spread the message of tolerance, respect, and love for ones neighbour.

Perry is a committed peace activist. Some of the peace events Perry has organized include Harmony for Peace, Music for Peace, Walk for Peace, Art for Peace, Hope of Joy, Dance for Peace, Drive for Peace, Actors for Peace, March for Peace, Fast for Peace and Peace Vigils. He even recorded two CD albums dedicated to peace. Perry says to achieve real peace, "We must first find peace within ourselves. After we find peace within ourselves we should then spread this peace into our families, schools, community, country and finally the entire world. Peace cannot be bought in a supermarket or a department store. Unfortunately peace cannot even be bought with a credit card. But the great news is that peace is available, free of cost, and it is lurking right in front of us. Peace is possible if we try and if we give peace a chance".

"Aiming at peace means giving ourselves the possibility to see beyond materialism. Peace can only be built one step at a time and through individual and public actions. To achieve peace, we must first accept human diversity, acknowledge and respect other people's dignity, make an effort to understand others, try and solve conflicts peacefully and encourage solidarity" says Perry.